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MARGINAL OIL FIELD - 10 Steps Guide - To Use In Preparing Investment Plan



This 13-page ebook by Dr Leesi Gborogbosi, CEO - Gabriel Domale Consulting was put together as "10 Steps guide" to be used when preparing an investment plan for the marginal oil field.

The investment plan for the marginal field will provide a good threshold to use to decide the commercial bid. If it is well prepared.

Marginal Field - Investment Plan (Template)

Discussed are the 10 Steps (sections) that should be used when preparing an investment plan for the Marginal Oil Field:

  • Section 1: Executive summary
  • Section 2: Description of the proposal
  • Section 3: Value propositions, strategic and financial drivers
  • Section 4: Risks, opportunities and alternatives
  • Section 5: Corporate structure, and governance
  • Section 6: Budget provision
  • Section 7: Financing
  • Section 8: Taxation
  • Section 9: Key Parameters
  • Section 10: Approval – Responsible parties
Price: ₦5,000.00

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